Confined Space Reassessment (1 day) - Wollongong Training Centre


This program is designed for persons who have previously attained competency to enter and work in a confined space. It provides participants with a review of the WH&S and legislative requirements and procedures to  ensure the health and safety of persons required to work in confined spaces.

DURATION - 1 day


The program is aligned to meet the following units of competency:

MSASS00001 Confined Space Work Team Skill Set

  • MSAPMOHS200A Work safely
  • MSAPMPER200C Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • MSAPMPER202A Observe permit work
  • MSAPMPER205C Enter confined space

Plus the following additional units if required:

  • MSAPMOHS217A Gas test atmospheres
  • MSAPMOHS110A Follow emergency response procedures
  • MPSAPMPOHS205A Control minor incidents
  • RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces


Participants must provide evidence that they hold the above units (or their equivalent). As this is a re-assessment program, participants must have previously been assessed as competent in the units that make up this program.

Price quoted above is per person. Group bookings are welcome and discounts may apply. Enquire within or email for more information.

Dates subject to change at the discretion of Risk Response + Rescue and enrolled participants will be notified in advance.

For training in our Wollongong Centre, please select upcoming dates.

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Confined Space Reassessment (1 day) - Wollongong Training Centre

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