Triple R Personnel provides highly experienced and qualified specialised personnel for first response, maintenance and rescue services for one-off projects, temporary and permanent roles in high risk operations and environments across land, aviation, maritime, alpine, mining and manufacturing. Our team of skilled, qualified and licensed personnel are committed to providing world’s best practice specialised personnel services, backed by years of operational experience and the latest safety equipment systems. Whether it be performing a standby role for fall arrest at heights, sandblasting the internal walls of silo, inspecting safety equipment, performing aquatic support to an event, or mentoring a team to perform such duties, the safety and well being of our people and others is always paramount.

    Our Specialised Personnel cover:

      •     Confined Space works
      •     Standby and height rescue & recovery
      •     Tower, height & tunnelling safety inspections
      •     Shutdown personnel
      •     Rail corridor services
      •     Specialist medical & emergency responders
      •     High risk works at heights & depths
      •    Sand blasting, painting & pressure washing at heights & within confined spaces
      •    Aquatic services; event safety, crowd control, mooring inspections
      •    Search & rescue-land, aviation, underground, alpine & marine